5 Things You Can Do About Dry Skin…


1) Showers - Warm and short. 


Our natural oils are there to protect and contain moisture for the skin.  Short & Hot, or Long & Warm  showers can strip the natural oils and dry your skin.  

2) Soap - Go easy


Detergents are another way to strip the protective oils.  Avoid Soap - Look for body washes with Ceramides or Oils; I prefer coconut, pomegranate or walnut.  Avoid synthetic fragrances (always), deodorants and antibacterials can also irritate the skin.  For you face, only use oils to clean your skin even if you have oily skin.  Oils break down oils; use healthy food grade or mixtures of food grade oils.  Essential Oils can add healthy benefits and wonderful scents. 

3) Your products - Change them as you change. 


As we age, our skin's needs change.  Our skin may become drier, oilier or have to deal with other skin issues.  Pay attention to your products and adapt accordingly. 

4) Exfoliate - Gently


Exfoliation helps your skin with cell turnover.  Gently exfoliate to remove outer layer of sun-damaged skin cells for better access to your skin. Adding plant oils to your skin after exfoliation protects the newly exposed skin by adding moisture and stopping evaporation.  Over exfoliation will damage healthy skin cells. 

5) Avoid the sun


Always cover up Sun Damage can dry the skin.  Use a minimum of SPF 15 Daily


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