The food additive contributing to symptoms of multiple sclerosis, ALS, dementia and is probable to cause directly cancer, memory loss, blindness, seizures, and death.

This is all according to doctors leading the research on Aspartame. Aspartame can be found as an additive in thousands of foods eaten by all or most of us daily. It’s found in breath mints, chewing gum, soft drinks, syrups, flavored water, iced tea, jams and Jellies, juice blends, nutrition bars and drinks, candy, and Yogurt to name a few.

For 16 years, Aspartame was repeatedly denied by the FDA until 1981. Then Donald Rumsfeld, then CEO/President of the G. D. Searle & Company, the Patent holder of Aspartame, joined Ronal Regan’s Transition team during his first term in office. By this time Rumsfeld held considerable political power in the US Government, specifically with the office of the president. Before walking the newly ordained President Regan into his new office, Rumsfeld had already served as both Whitehouse Chief of Staff and Secretary of Defense for President Ford. Within one month, Regan changed out the head of the FDA with Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes, Jr. and by June 1981, Aspartame was legal as a food additive. Eventually, Dr. Hayes was forced to leave his post at the FDA due to scandals accepting corporate bribes for political favors, but before his flight from office in 1983, he approved Aspartame as an additive in Beverages.

Aspartame is made up of 3 distinct chemical groups, 50% Phenylalanine, 40% Aspartic Acid and 10% Methyl Ester. Methyl Ester turns into Methyl Alcohol or wood Alcohol, which is a poison known for causing blindness and when metabolized in the body turns to formaldehyde, which is stored in the body and is a known carcinogen. Aspartic Acid is an excitotoxin or neurotoxin that over-excites the brains neurons until they die, which makes it very addictive and causes brain damage. Finally, Phenylalanine, which is known for mood and panic symptoms, seizures, and brain cancer.

D. Searle & Company’s initial testing of aspartame was conducted on seven monkeys, five of which suffered Grand Mal Seizures and one died of cardiac arrest. Other Searle studies on mice showed an increase in brain tumors.

Today, Aspartame remains in our food and is on of the most widely studied food additives. Recent Italian studies conducted between 2006 and 2011 [3] have identified Aspartame as a carcinogen. Reactions to suspected toxins vary because of personal tolerance, so not everyone will know these symptoms. Also, if you have more severe symptoms to Aspartame Dr. Russell Blaylock has published a detox method for Aspartame.

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