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Our Vision: "A world where Luxury equals Organic..."
Our Mission: "Making a difference with organic science..."

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Natalie Novak,  CEO/Co-Founder KPS Essentials

Meet Natalie Novak, CEO of KPS ESSENTIALS. Natalie Started her quest for cleaner beauty products when at age 17 she worked for Nordstrom in Southern California. One day, after an earthquake, Natalie went into to stock room and noticed one of the high-end clarifying toners she represented had broken and dissolved the carpet and padding exposing the cement below. Horrified that she was selling something this corrosive for people's faces; Natalie began her education into cosmetics and chemicals and became an esthetician. After Years of creating products and processes for Hi-End Spa's, Natalie began Keeki Pure and Simple to provide safe options for her daughter. Recently Natalie partnered up with Ron Webb, an Ex-Rocket-Scientist/holistic zealot, to formulate her exclusive luxury line, KPS Essentials.

Meet Ron Webb, COO/CoFounder of KPS Essentials.  Ron spent nearly 30 years designing and developing complex systems for Launch Vehicles and Space.  Hand selected by NASA to lead a team of 50 engineers and physicists to redesign the International Space Station.  He has founded multiple technical startups that control technical Intellectual property in the aerospace, commercial and medical industries.  Ron joined Natalie in 2012, after spending time in Grand Rapids working with GE Aviation.  He was drawn to Natalie's passion for cleaner products for a healthier mind, body and soul.  Ron holds multiple trade secrets in the beauty industry and has developed multiple products ready for release for KPS Essentials. 


Ron Webb, COO/Co-Founder KPS Essentials